Worldwide Vision Day

One Day - One Hour - One Place - One Voice - One Accord

What is Worldwide Vision Day

"Worldwide Vision Day" is a revelation from our Lord Jesus Christ for every Christian believer to gather together like the day of Pentecost and storm their main cities, preaching and prophesying the coming of Jesus Christ and the signs of his coming for one (1) hour on the same "DAY" as a witness to all nations. It is also a World wide event with countries on every continent participating & will be featured on international television Worldwide to at least 100 million homes.

Brooklyn Location:

In Brooklyn we will be at the following location:

  • Fulton Street and Jay Street

Join us at the above location in Brooklyn, NY this Saturday, January 5th at 12 noon

What to do on Worldwide Vision Day

What to do on Worldwide Vision Day?

Preach, witness, distribute bible tracts, pray for unbelievers and prophesy the things to come.

Basic Elements of Witnessing (Soul-Winning):

Approach – Hello Sir, How are you today? May I share the gospel of Jesus Christ with you?

Message – John 3:16

Invitation – Would you like to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior?

Prayer of Repentance – Dear God, I am a sinner, I cannot save myself, but I believe Jesus Christ died to save me. I confess all my sins to you now, and make a decision to follow you as of now.

Question – Do you believe that Jesus Christ has forgiven you of all your sins? Do you make a decision to follow him as of now? Then you are saved.

Prayer for New Convert – Dear God, thank you for saving him. Please strengthen him that he may grow to become a strong Christian and witness.

Instruction – Go to a Bible–believing church, read your Bible, pray daily, tell others you are saved and get baptized.

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