About Us

Who we are, where we come from, and where we're headed as a church family

Who we are

The Harvest Army God's Revival Arena is a Christian church in Brooklyn, New York. The senior pastor is Apostle C. Matthews. We are a part of the Harvest Army World Revival Movement, a movement that began out of the Harvest Army Church International under the leadership of Bishop Dr. K. D. Collins, the general overseer and founder of the church body. Our vision is to be "an army of harvesters for world revival"; this means to be a large body of believers around the world that are declaring the gospel of Jesus Christ so that others will come to faith in Christ. Read more about our history and vision below.

Where we come from

The Harvest Army World Revival Movement was born from the revelation: “Harvest Army”. The Lord gave this word to our General Overseer, Bishop K. D. Collins as a result of the revelation, in 1992, The Harvest Army Outreach Ministries was inaugurated in Falmouth, Jamaica. W.I. By September 1992, The Harvest Army Church International was inaugurated in New York, USA. From there, the world revival movement has spread across the world with branches and affiliates in Africa, Europe, India, the Caribbean, and in the United States.

Harvest Army God’s Revival Arena began out of a revelation of “God’s Revival” in Brooklyn, NY in March of 2007.’. In October 2007, the church branch was launched. Since that time many souls have been saved and baptized. Despite challenges, the Lord has continued to bless the congregation. Members of the church can be seen weekly preaching, and witnessing on the streets and from house to house.

Souls continue to be added in miraculous ways. The prophetic unction continues to operate on the church mightily as the Lord visits, and prophecies continue to go forth. We continue to build on the foundation laid by our General Overseer, Bishop Dr. K. D. Collins, and the executive leadership of the Harvest Army Church International.

Our local church leadership is as follows:

Deputy Senior Pastor: Associate Apostle Curline Matthews

Executive Pastor: Rev. Kirk Mckoy

Deputy Executive Pastor: Rev. Patrick Ali

Host Pastor: Rev. Shain Bailey

Co-Pastor: Rev. Shamesha McKoy

Where we're headed

Harvest Army God’s Revival Arena was born out of the vision of the Harvest Army Church International: ”An Army of Harvesters for World Revival”. We believe that Brooklyn is the gateway for world revival – the place from which God will usher in a revival that will shake New York City and the world. God has spoken: Brooklyn – God’s Revival.

At this phase in the ministry, God has revealed the following:

The church is a fruitful field – Consistent evangelism and discipleship.

Families are coming to the church – a place of covering for the family.

The Lord has spoken to “Open the Doors, and Let Them In” -We are opening through various ministries opportunities:

The vision of the Harvest Army Church International is for the body of Christ to become a ‘World Harvest Army’. Every man,  woman, boy, girl, old, young, weak, strong; must storm their community in a ‘  no-nonsense‘ form of evangelism. This is the only way for world revival.

  Despite mass evangelism by different ministries of the body of Christ, there still remains a tremendous gap in reaping the end-time harvest. These ministries are doing a good job, but this is not sufficient to handle the dilemma facing the body of  Christ today.

Conferences, revival meetings, tent meetings, crusades, mass prayer meetings, conventions, seminars, etc. are all good and should be continued. However, more drastic steps are needed to counteract the mass increase of sin, occults, cults and persecution faced by the church today.

The only way out is for every believer of the Body of Jesus Christ to arise and begin to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ in their community and beyond; to storm the streets and homes by witnessing to every sinner. No truly born again believer should be left out, all should rise up and become a ‘World Harvest Army’.

The Bible says in Acts 8:1,4 that all the people were scattered abroad except for the apostles. Verse 4 says that they that scattered abroad went everywhere preaching the word of God. There are hundreds of scriptures to highlight the importance of this vision. Here are a few more:

  Act 1:8 Ye shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost have come upon you  and ye shall be my witnesses…..

  Proverbs 11:30 He that winneth souls are wise.

  Matthew 4:19 Follow me, and I will make you to become fishers of men.


  WHAT IS THE ARMY: The  Harvest Army.

  An end time army of harvesters for World Revival‘.

   Ezek. 37:10 …….and they lived and stood up on their feet, an exceeding great army

  In this world revival, soul winning is not left to an elite group, but every individual is raised up to preach and to witness.

WHY (join the army)

 Something unusual is happening in New York City, parts of England, Africa, India,  Trinidad, Jamaica, Grenada, USA and swiftly spreading elsewhere. Joel’s prophecy of end-time ‘REVIVAL’ is exploding across the world. The outpouring of the Holy  Ghost upon all flesh with sons and daughters prophesying is causing many ears to tingle.

  Harvest Army Church International in New York City, happens to be the headquarters of a fellowship of churches worldwide where every believer is raised up to become powerful preachers and personal witnesses of the Gospel.

Men and women, boys and girls, learned, unlearned are seen daily preaching the Gospel and witnessing. With their bare voices,  powered by the Holy Ghost they can be heard two city blocks away.

  These preaching and witnessing laymen are dubbed ‘Harvesters’. Muslims,  Rastafarians, ‘Jehovah witnesses’, and other cults are storming into the Kingdom.  On the street and in homes, harvesters give their own ‘Altar Call’, * Lead candidates in the ‘Sinners Prayer’, * Offer the prayer of ‘deliverance’ and * Give basic ‘Convert Instruction’.

What this means for you

What does this mean for you? Most importantly, we welcome you to join with us and discover God's purpose for you in His Revival. You have a place in God's Army - in Harvest Army if you are ready to make that step.

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