See what's happening locally and internationally at Harvest Army God's Revival Arena


Our 3 ½ years of daily revival continues January 1, 2018 – June 31st, 2021 - for more information check out our "3 ½ years of daily revival" card

God’s Ark Revival May [email protected] 7:30pm nightly

Mother’s Day, Sunday May 12

Father’s Day, Sunday June 16

Heart of the Harvest Banquet June 22


 There are opportunities available for anyone who wishes to participate in our


Anyone who is interested in taking up a volunteer position please see our "Activate your Ministry" Card.

We have babies dedication every first Sunday of the month anyone interested please see our "baby dedication" card.

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WEEKLY FASTING:  Every Tuesday will be our day of Fasting and Prayer for each Week

ALL NIGHT PRAYER:    On the Last Friday of each Month will be All Night Prayer

MONTHLY FASTING:    On the Last Week of each Month will be Three (3) days of Fasting and Prayer from Tuesday – Thursday and on Friday will be All Night Prayer

QUARTERLY FASTING: Every Quarter: That is, every Three (3) Months we will be having Seven (7) Days of Fasting and Prayer. Instead of Tuesday – Thursday we will begin from Sunday – Saturday

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International Events


Our 3 ½ years of daily revival continues January 1, 2018– June 31, 2021 - log on to for more information

Lagos Nigeria 1st Anniversary Revival May 12-19

National Day of Prayer and Fasting May 27th (Memorial Day)

Mighty Men’S Camp June 27th

United Kingdom Convention June 28-30

Women of Destiny Retreat July 25-27


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