Join a Visionary Band

Join a small group of soul-winners spreading the gospel and strenghtening each other.

Visionary Bands

The visionary bands are groups of believers organized by location for the spreading of the gospel and strengthening of each other. The visionary bands primarily gather together in their locality to preach and witness in their area. Sign up for a band on the form below.

Secondly, they pray for each other, and encourage each other that are a part of the local band.

Through the bands every believer can get quickly involved in ministry.

Band Activities include the following:

  • They aim to minister on the street, homes, trains: (a) lead person to Christ (b) Offer to pray for them ( c) Pray for sick (d) Allow God to use them prophetically.
  • Bands can meet together at a home, park, etc or in the church for prayer for their area, and encouragement of each other.
  • Follow up with those that are contacted during preaching and witnessing.
  • Home visitations

Our visionary bands all join together every three months in our Worldwide Vision Day! Read more about our vision.


So you want to be a soul-winner, a harvester of souls, a visionary for world revival. Join with other likeminded believers who passionately spreads the gospel, while fellowshipping with each other and strengthening each other. Join a Visionary Band. Choose your band in the form below, or choose unsure, and we will assign you to best visionary band location.