Prophecies and Revelations

Watch the latest prophecies and fulfillment.

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Why Prophesy?


  1. Confirms JESUS CHRIST as only True God (Isaiah 41:23-24, John 13:19)
  2. Final WEAPON of the Gospel (1Corinthians 13:24,25)
  3. Reveals GOD'S WILL (Proverbs 20:24)
  4. Ultimate Sign of WORLD REVIVAL (Joel 2:28)
  5. Great ENCOURAGEMENT to Saints (Ezra 9:9)
  6. PRESERVE Lives and Property (Jeremiah 9:12)
  7. Enables PREPARATION (Ezra 33:33)
  8. Evidence of HOLY GHOST Baptism (Acts 19:6)
  9. DISARM Enemies of the Cross (2Kings 6:11)
  10. WARNING to Mankind (Ezra 3:18)
  11. Reveals CHARACTER (Genesis 49)

The vision of 'HARVEST ARMY' is first to raise up an 'ARMY OF HARVESTERS FOR WORLD REVIVAL'. Laymen are raised up to PREACH and be a WITNESS of the gospel of Jesus Christ on the highways, hedges & everywhere, according to scripture. Though soul winning focused, God has revealed hundreds of prophecies since 1999. They have been published worldwide & were all fulfilled irrefutably.

Big Takeaways

What do we do? - 'Read the Bible', 'Fast & Pray', 'Worship God', 'Preach the Gospel' & seek to 'Live Holy Lives', absolutely nothing more. By God's grace He reveals end time events in mainly visions, dreams, similitude and words of knowledge (Numbers 12:6; Deuteronomy 29:29; Daniel 2:22; Hosea12:10; Amos 3:7; John.13:19; 1Thessalonians 5:20)

These are seen on including:

  • EARTHQUAKES: Argentina, Chile, Japan, New York, Turkey, China, Mexico, Philippines, Indonesia etc
  • FLOODS: Italy, Jamaica, China, North East USA, Thailand, Philippines, New York North East USA etc
  • GOVERNMENT OVERTHROW: Asia-Kyrgyzstan, Libya
  • STORMS, FLOODS: Pakistan, Australia, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia.

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What Viewers Are Saying?

You guys should be getting more views than this. I've been circulating all of your videos. I know lots of people in many industries . I don't understand why they are ignoring you guys after so many words of knowledge from God and warnings from God you guys have proven to be true.

bunny_2007 (Youtube Username)

Thank you for this word of warning from the Lord. May God keep, protect and bless you and everyone connected to you

BelovedOne03 (Youtube Username)

Amen, thank you for posting our videos ! All glory be to CHRIST our king, God bless your ministry.

Sheree White

God said he will reveal his secrets unto his servant the prophet... it simple means God is moving through prophecy that has been prophesied ... today the wise men they are ashamed because the word of God came to pass... people continue to do will of God... God is using you people because you're great example to the word of God...

Tashaneal Walcott

Appreciate Harvest Army Church and have been following this Church online since early in the year 2014. Harvest Army has provided Holy Spirit led balance in the Body of Christ his Church...

D. Biersteker

Praise God! The Holy Spirit is all over me right now! This was for me. I just told the Lord I will not give up! I've been watching the Great Outpouring conference & I have been tremendously blessed by it. So wish I could've been there in person but that's OK! I still feel a part of this Great Outpouring! God Bless you !

Nikki Pratt